About Me

Hello everyone!  Welcome to K Food Addict (Korean Food Addict).

I am Chloe Lim (Kayeong Lim)


I was born in a small country town in South Korea where I lived my whole life.

In Korea, food plays a major role in building relationships between friends and family. In fact, it’s even common practice for neighbours to share food with each other as a way of showing friendship and love.
When I was 20, I travelled to Australia to study English, and while I was there, I made many friends at  college. One day, I decided to cook for them a traditional Korean style BBQ, with Kimchi. To my surprise they loved it! I still remember us fighting over the last piece of Kimchi. In that moment, I realised that Korean food is largely unknown to the world, so I thought to myself… “how can I spread the word?”

So that’s why I started KfoodAddict.com!
I hope you enjoy the korean recipes I have prepared for you :-)


38 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Love your k-food tutorials on youtube.

    Hope to see more as I’m also a self cooker @ home.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Hello James! Nice to meet you friend:-)
      Of course! I have so many Korean dishes which I want to share with you guys;-D
      Thank you for cheering me up.

  2. Howdy!

    Thank you for sharing these recipes. I’m going through them trying to see if there are any I can make today. ^-^

    I found you via Andrew ;P He Twittered about your food “tutorials”. You need to kick him into shape about his camera work! lol Joking :)

    • Hello Aaron! Happy to know you friend :-)
      If you can try to cook some of these recipes, I would like to see how it goes with you and hope you enjoy that!
      Andrew is doing his best to help me, but yeah, I will do what you said :-P haha

      • I’ll be buying some ingredients to make your lovely meals very soon.

        I’ll certainly let you know how they turn out. I might even post you an image of my result, if I’m feeling bold enough. :P

        I love Andrew. Probably not in the same way you do though. :P haha
        I hope you enjoyed your little five day holiday together (he tweeted about it).

        Thank you for your website, and thank you for you passion for food! :)

      • Also, I may have some recipes you may like.

        May I share them with you? (I’m not sure how to). ^-^

        Maybe together we can make some unique and awesome meals. :P hehe

  3. Thank you for making this site. I have been looking for ways to eat healthier and the food you have shown in the videos so far looks really good and also looks like it’s easy to make. :)

  4. hi Chloe-unni! :D y ou’ve got really interesting korean recipe tutorials.
    i love watching korean dramas and i get to see korean foods that are really interesting. and i really want to try cooking them. :D D thanks for sharing your recipes. ^^ nice meeting you.

    • Nice to meet you,Lauren Dongsaeng ;-)
      I was also a fan of Korean drama. Just can’t watch them at this moments as I’m staying in Australia. But this November I will be back to Korea so can watch more!
      Happy that you wanna try some of Korean food. Hope you enjoy it :-) Thanks!

  5. This is a great site!

  6. omg i love your cookings. thanks thanks and thanks. is this blog still alive?

  7. Thank you for thinking of us and do these for us. I want to visit Korea badly now. Are they always cold every day?

    • Hi Mai :)
      It’s freezing in Korea at this moment.
      We got the coldest winter and most snow for last 60yrs in this year.
      But cold weather with SNOW is not that bad I think haha.
      Korea has four seasons, so any season you visit Korea will have interesting/beautiful scenes. oh! and delicious food!! :)

  8. Hi Chloe unnie! ^^
    love your cookings and all of recipes in this blog~~ i hope i can try to make some of it~ ><
    thank you for sharing your recipe ^^

  9. Hello Chloe! I’m loving your entries they’re so easy to do! ;D Tomorrow I’ll try doing Korean egg rolls which I watched on ypur Youtube page. Fighting !
    You’re making us happy thank you for that ;) )

  10. Thanks for sharing! Easy to learn. Love it!

  11. you are amazing :)
    I saw your website just now..
    It is very nice, And your way too explain the cooking is too easy :)
    I really would like to learn all the Korean foods ..
    jomal komawa :)

    • Hi Kary,
      Thanks for enjoying my recipes.
      I always try to make my recipes simple and easy to understand as I’m also not a good English speaker :P
      Hope you can learn a lot from here.
      If you have any questions or requests of Korean food, please let me know!

  12. You are too cute!!! Love your posts, can’t wait to start cooking!!!

  13. Can you give me a good recipe for yaki mondu& a dipping sauce. Thank you.

    • Hi Leonard,
      Thank you for the request.
      I often enjoy eating pre-made Mandu in Korea. You will be surprised if you see how many types of mandu products we have in grocery store here.
      But still Home-made mandu is the best one, I guess =)
      Thank you!

  14. An nyoung ha sey yo Ms. Chloe,
    Back in 1992 I was stationed at Osan AB. And while there fell in love with some Korean foods. You have one of my all time favorites all ready. Which is Beef Bulgogi. But I can never seem to get the rice the same way. However, another favorite was Yaki Mandu and again I can’t seem to find a recipe for it. I do know from experience you eat it while it’s hot or at least warm because once it gets cold. It’s not that good, but otherwise it’s Great. Thank You for this Great Place to share a bit of you and your Culture. Something no one should miss out on.

    • Hi Roy,
      Oh, you’ve been in Korean before. And your favorite Korean food was Beef Bulgogi, so is mine =)
      Korean eats white short-grain rice and cook it a little bit sticky. If you get the sushi rice, that would be the most similar texture to Korean rice.
      And you like Yaki Mandu! My Australian husband also loves Yaki Mandu. I still remember that when he came to Korea, he only enjoyed the mandu, but nothing else because most of Korean dishes were too spicy to him =)
      I will make a recipe for Yaki Mandu some time. Hope you have a great weekend!

  15. Hi Chloe I love your recepies and I will try to make some of them ^_^ I hope it will be delicious and as good as your cooking :p

  16. 안녕하세요 Lee Kayeong-ssi! Glad to find your website :) I love to eat and I love korean food specially kimchi jjigae.. I really want to cook it so your chamchi kimchi jjigae recipe with pictures is a big help. I’m not a good cook so i always hesitate to cook because i don’t want to end up wasting the ingredients but with your guidance through this great website I’m sure to do well! Thanks for sharing your recipes with us! ^^

  17. 안녕하세요!
    thanks for sharing all these delicious korean recipes! I simply love korean food although I’m not a Korean :/ but anyway,keep up the good work😁