Food Diary 10 : Dinner at traditional Korean restaurant

Few days ago, One of my friends from work invited me and my boyfriend to her choir performance at church. It was such a beautiful harmony of voices. Although the songs were in Korean, my boyfriend didn’t mind. Even he liked the performance more than I did :)

Before it stared, we got a ticket with number on it for raffle draw. Near the end of the night, they drew the raffle. There were five prizes to be won. They picked one number… two… three… still not my number…four… and last one, it was my number ‘30‘ “Oh Amen!!” I got $50 voucher of Korean restaurant which was the most valuable prize. Yay!

Appreciated day with my friend Lana.


We couldn’t wait long to use the voucher. I’m already here at the traditional Korean style restaurant.

I can't decite what to eat. So many yummy dishes!

Can you see the long pipe from the ceiling? When my boyfriend Andrew saw that for the first time, he was very curious what it’s for. So I explained “This is the way how Korean serves food. If you order food through the hole, the food will come out from the pipe ” He looked at me doubtfully haha ;)

Food from the pipe?!

The truth is, you pull the pipe close to the grill and it absobs the smoke and smell from grill. Not for serving food :P

We kept thinking what we order for a long time, and finally ordered two type of meat(Beef rib, pork shoulder) for BBQ  and two main meals(Bibimbap, Bibim naengmyun).

First, Waitress put bunt charcoal under our grill. Time to eat!


Ssam (lettuce wrap with grilled meat). How to enjoy Korean BBQ.


Oh my god… the taste was heavenly awesome! Our chopstics moved so fast and nobody talked.

Unlimited side dishes!

When we almost finished our BBQ, we got our main meals. It was like full-course meal. Non-stop!

This is Bibim Naengmyun which is my favorite summer dish. It contains some crushed ice on the bottom so it keep the noodles cold. The sauce is little bit spicy and pickled radish adds more sourness to the dish.

Bibim Naengmyun (spicy cold noodles)

This is Dolsot Bibimbap , Andrew‘s favorite Korean dish. Original bibimbap is served in a normal bowl. But this is more special. It’s served in a very hot Stone bowl. So while you’re eating, your food doesn’t cool down. Even you can hear the sound of sizzling on the bottom. And the chilli paste sauce is served separately, so you can control the amount of sauce depending on your taste. The harmony of varied ingredients makes a fantastic taste!

When you finish it, you will get the golden-brown crispy rice on the bottom. That’s the best part of Dalsot Bibimbap!

Dolsot Bibimbap (rice with variety of vegetables in a hot stone bowl)

Whew! We emptied most of the dishes. Service was nice, atmosphere was good and food was amazingly delicious! It was just a perfect dinner.

In addition, I paid only $17 extra because of the voucher! What a bargain :)

We are the Korean Food Addict!

Right next to the restaurant, there is a beautiful parklands which is good for taking a walk. We were so full, so needed little bit of exercise before going to bed.

Didn’t I say Andrew is a talented dancer? Well, he proved himself :-)


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4 Responses to “Food Diary 10 : Dinner at traditional Korean restaurant”

  1. Thank you for posting the korea food on the site. I wonder if this restaurant in USA or Korea. I couldn’t find one in Houston, Texas. I learn how to cook Black Bean sauce noodle and it turns out perfect. Thank you for the recipes. I don’t know why I love korea food now might be I watch too many Korea movies :-) Can you help to post the Galbi recipes (Korean BBQ) Thanks

    • Ohhhhh :O
      Just found your comment while I was looking through all my old posts. Sorry for the late reply Mai!!! ㅠㅠ
      Thank you for enjoying my recipes.
      And also thanks for the request about Korean BBQ. I will make a post about it someday =)
      Hope you have a good day! xx

  2. Thanks for sharing the great stories and recipes. I was in the Navy for 16 years and traveled all around the World and by far Korean food is the best!! I even married a Korean woman and her cooking and Mothers cooking kept me full and HAPPY!!!

    • Hi Ben,
      Thanks to enjoy my blog. I think you have even greater stories that you’ve experienced from all around the world. And envy you that you must have eaten variety of delicious dishes in different countries. Happy to hear that Korean food is the best among them ;-) hehe
      You married a Korean woman! My husband is Australian and he also loves my cook, just like you. And I’m very happy when I see my husband enjoying my dish. I think your wife must be the same :)
      Hope you have a great weekend!