Food Diary 11 : Thai Green curry

There are lots of international ingredients and restaurants in Australia. So I have tried many dishes, all from different countries. I keep thinking many times ‘How could I miss all of these amazing taste before‘ . Especially, the area I live has many Thai restaurants. So My boyfriend Andrew and I had dinner few times. My favorite Thai food is Tom yang kung and Andrew’s favorite is Green curry. I tried to buy ingredients for Tom yang kung but couldn’t fine any pre-made paste or sauce in my place. Instead, I bought green curry paste and coconut cream which have many different brand product at market. Of course, Andrew was happy with it like a baby :-)

In contrast to Tom yang kung, Green curry is so easy to make. Most important ingredients are Green curry paste and coconut cream(milk). I used diced chicken thigh, beef and a variety of vegetables. Slice all veggies into bite-sized and it’s ready to cook! (Serves 2)

First of all, add 2 teaspoon of olive oil. Fry diced chicken with 2 tablespoon of green curry paste.(Be aware:The paste doesn’t look spicy, but it really does!)

When the chicken is cooked half, add all vegetables ingredients(Add soft veggie little big later as they are easy to be cooked; mushroom, capsicum). And fry them for 3-5minutes while stirring.

Now, the paste are spread all around ingredients. Pour a can of coconut cream(milk) to the pan. Stir well and simmer for 10minutes on medium heat.

While I was cooking, one bird just was sitting right out side of window and looking at me cooking curiously. He must be hooked by delicious smell from my house :-)

Ater 10minutes, simmer 10 more minutes on low heat(If the sauce is too thick, you can add coconut cream(milk)/water). Stir occasionally.

So after a total of  20 mintues, turn the heat off. And let it cool down. You can see all ingredients nicely coated with green curry sauce. Especially the chicken and beef absorbed the curry sauce so it does taste fantastic! We much prefer home-made one, plenty of meat!  :-)

So I made this at mid day, and just before serving for dinner, I re-heated it. Gosh, want to eat agin right now!


 Here is the video I got some tips:)


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2 Responses to “Food Diary 11 : Thai Green curry”

  1. looks great. thanks for the video. since you made this, you graduated. yeah! you also got married. did you marry andrew?

    • Hi Karl!
      As you mentioned, So many things happened to me since I started my website KFoodAddict. And it’s all good stuffs.
      Yes, I married to hime :)