Food Diary2: Korean BBQ at home

Yesterday, one of my friends came to my house with his fiancee for dinner. I had been struggling all day about what food to make for them. I knew they had probably tried Bulgogi or Bibimbap before, but I wanted to make something different for them so I decided to have a Korean barbecue.

One of the main ingredients for a Korean barbeque is the lettuce, so I went to farmer’s market early in the morning and bought two large plastic bags of green lettuce.

Here is me washing it. Takes a while!

My boyfriend even helped by cleaning up outside!

One of the reasons a Korean BBQ is so exciting is that we cook the food on a portable gas stove right there on the table. You then eat the meat fresh off the grill!

You can buy the stove from any camping store or Korean grocery. They retail for around $20-$30.

Make sure you get a stove plate that is sloped so all the fat drips down the hole on the side (or middle).

The main ingredient for the Korean BBQ is pork. Once grilled, we place a small piece in a leaf of lettuce, add a slice of garlic and some Ssamjang.


Ssamjang is a mixture of chilli paste and fermented soybean paste. Ssam means ‘food wrapped in a leaf’ and Jang means ‘thick sauce’ or paste. So together we have paste for food wrapped in a leaf!

Also I made the spring onion salad [Pa muchim].

Pa Muchim

Did you ever notice that Koreans use scissors a lot when cooking? It looks strange to foreigners, but trust me it’s very good at chopping meat!

Cut it into a mouthful-size with scissors

Now, it’s time to eat Yay :-)

How to enjoy Korean BBQ?

1. Dip grilled meat into sesame oil & salt sauce
2. Place a piece of meat in the lettuce
3. Add Ssamjang, sliced garlic (steamd rice, grilled kimchi and spring onion salad optional)
4. Wrap it tightly then eat!


After dinner, my friends said ‘it was an awesome dinner’. They especially liked the Bulgogi that I served with it. (If you haven’t tried Bulgogi, oh you should! I bet you will like so much)

How about Korean BBQ for dinner tonight?

Why Koreans eat grilled meat with lettuce:

  • The meat doesn’t have enough vitamins, minerals or fiber, so the green leaves help to supplement those things.
  • The green leaves fill you up faster than meat.
  • It adds more aroma and taste to the meat. Especially if you eat with sesame leaves.


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4 Responses to “Food Diary2: Korean BBQ at home”

  1. Yes this is what I need, Thx…

  2. Hi,

    Thanks! This is an awesome idea and I want to try it this summer. My plan is to get 4-5 burners and cooking plates and have a bunch of friends over. Can you tell me where you get the cooking plate in your photo? I’m having trouble locating them.


    • Hi Wayne,
      Having a Korean BBQ with your friends sounds sooooo good to me :) Hope you guys have an awesome time with yummy food!
      You can buy the cooking plate in Korean store or big Asian store. Or plz check out Online shop.

      Thank you!