Food Diary6: My first successful muffins

You might be surprised if I say I had never used the oven before in my life. Seriously no. Even my mom never got chance to use it as well. I think having the oven is not usual for Korean people who live in countryside, also as most of korean dishes are cooked without the oven.

Since I moved to this house in Australia, I got the oven. You couldn’t imagine how excited I was:-)

Although the temperature signs are gone, I was happy to have one!

I had no idea how to use it, in addition, it wasn’t in good condition as you can see :-P I use this oven with my own presumption.

I tried to make muffins, cup cakes or cookies in the oven. Sometimes, got good result but mostly not. My friend said “using oven is so easy, that’s why even kids can do baking in Australia”.  Well, Australian kids are so talented then;-)

So finally what I did… I bought a muffin mix package!

It's even healthy (98% fat free), I guess :-P

This time, I must make the perfect muffins. It’s 100% guaranteed!!

I read the all directions at the backside of package first. Then started step by step. How exciting!

I added granulated nuts for more texture.

What is the secret of muffin mix? Please let me know… :-(

Add some milk. It's ready to go!

Actually it’s super easy so far!

Spray baking tray lightly with oil.

I’m not sure it’s better to use oil spray than to put the muffin cups on the tray.

Fill tray 1/3 full with batter.

I used a half pack of muffin mix as there are only my boyfriend and me to share.

Bake muffins for 20-25minutes,180degrees.

Now, I just have to wait… wait… (But I couldn’t resist the curiosity. So I took them out from the oven many times while it was baking.)

Yay! finally got the lovely muffins.

The taste of those muffins wasn’t full flavor as it’s 98%fat free. But I was satisfied with my perfect-shaped muffins.

Moist muffin with nuts.

I hope I can do delicious and healthy baking with my own recipes. More practice! :-)

The other day, I made mini muffins with remaining powder. Shredded coconut on top. Even better!


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I'm from Korea. I love my people, culture and food.

3 Responses to “Food Diary6: My first successful muffins”

  1. This looks so good Chloe!^^

    have you been cooking a lot this past few days?…kkk…

    I am looking for something to prepare for the coming national holiday in the Philippines (Nov. 1~ All Saints Day) and this is a good food for my family and relatives to share..^^ it looks easy to do as well…^^

    Thanks Chloe^^ You never fail to amaze me…^^

    • Oh dear Arnie :-) Thank you!
      I could do well coz of pre-made muffin flour:-P But will try more variety of bakign recipe as soon as I get a oven! Hope you have a good time with your family on holiday. And say hello to them for me ;-)

  2. Thanks Chloe. I’ll definitely prepare this for my family…^^ You take care too…