Food Diary12 : Korean Food and Tourism Expo

Hi dear Korean food lovers!

The Korean Food and Tourism Expo was held from April 23 to 26 in Seoul. It was so interesting to see lots of traditional and fusion Korean food displayed.  Most of them were so beautiful, so it looked like not food but piece of art.

This is the fried ginseng [Insam tikim] which looks like coral.

fried j


This is the traditional style of steamed fish [Saengseon-Jjim]. It’s not how we serve steamed fish nowadays :P Well, doesn’t look that yummy, does it?



One of table was showing food for Korean traditional wedding which need a lot of effort to make it. What do you think it’s made of?

Dried squid and octopus!

squid squid2


And pretty flowers using the dried persimmons [Geotgam]. I think our ancestors were so talented.



Next one is Kimchi section. We only know the Kimchi using chines cabbage. But actually there are over two hundreds different Kimchies in Korea depending on the area and season. White Kimchi, water Kimchi, etc.

kimchi group

chili kimchi durup kimchi kimmmmchi spring onion kimchi2


You must think Kimchi always with chili flakes. But some of them don’t use chili flakes and they have clear and pretty colors.

spring kimchi

spring onion kimchi


And here is the Kimchi you might be used to see a lot more often.

cabbage kimchi


cabbage kimchi2

Fermented Kimchi. Korean uses it a lot for making Kimchi stew, fried rice, pan cake etc. It tastes sour and has lots of lactic enzyme which is good for health.

cabbage kimchi3


Also fermented pastes are big part of Korean food. Chilli paste [Gochu-jang], soy bean paste [Doen-jang] are well- known.



Rice cake section. How pretty they are!

Many foreigners are unfamiliar with chewy texture of rice cake. But please try it if you can. Who knows? You might like it! I love rice cake :)

ricecake ricecake1 ricecake2 ricecake3 ricecake4 ricecake5 ricecake6 ricecake7 ricecake8 ricecake9 ricecake10ricecake11 ricecake12 ricecake13 ricecake15


Most of them were dessert section at the expo. Have you seen Korean traditional dessert? They are not like cake or ice cream, more like rice snack and fried flour cookies or sugary dried fruit. These desserts are sweet.

cookie desset

dessert1 dessert2 dessert3 dessert5]dessert111


The expo showed a huge variety of Korean foods. Some of which, even I hadn’t seen before.

I hope you can try some of them some day! :D


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9 Responses to “Food Diary12 : Korean Food and Tourism Expo”

  1. That stuff looks really good. Would Love to try it all!

  2. Many photos foods you shared above are new to me. I wish I have the chance to visit the expo. Thanks for sharing.

    From a Korean food lover. :)

  3. Thanks so much for the post! All of it is so fascinating! I would love to have been able to go to that.

  4. Good to see you post again. I came here today looking for a recipe I had seen here before.

  5. Hi Chloe,

    I am Korean as well and have lived in Taegu, Seoul and Pusan..I love your pictures and your blogs..I have not seen some of those foods before even living over there. Thanks!

    • Hi Pamela,
      Thanks for your sweet comment. So are you living in abroad at this moment?
      Yes, I also have explored many Korean dishes which was familiar to me since I started my blog. And surprised how many interesting and delicious dishes we have!
      Hope you enjoy my recipes and have a good day! =)