Food Diary5: Home café

While I was surfing the Internet, I found a picture of fancy-looking meal called ‘galette‘. I’ve never heard nor eaten it. So it caught my eyes directly. I want to make one!

So the next morning, I searched for the simplest galette recipe in the Internet and then made one for my brunch (well I just wanted enjoy some Cafe atmosphere by myself at home:-P)


The base is mainly seasoned flour, which is cooked on fry pan. I used tomato slices, spinach, an egg and sprinkled Parmesan cheese and some pepper on it.

Finally I tasted it, and it was all good. I think if the base were crunchier, it would be better. But I was satisfied with my first try of galette. Even with my Berry-good yogurt! :-) Actually it has variety of ingredients and look. I have no idea which one is original but I would like to try ANY proper galette at the cafe someday:-) France would be great for that! Bon Appétit!

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I'm from Korea. I love my people, culture and food.

4 Responses to “Food Diary5: Home café”

  1. what’s this?…^^ Anyway it looks good… Did you cook the egg?…

  2. Hi Chloe, this looks so good, how about a link to the recipe you used.

    • Nice to meet you Samm:-)
      I’m sorry that I can’t fine the recipe becuase I didn’t make a note for the recipe. The basic wrap is pretty much same as pancake flour dough, so if you have your favorite pancake recipe, you can use that. Inside of this gelette are sliced tomato, baby spinach, and half-cook egg. Little bit of parmasan cheese on top :-)