Food Diary7: Potato pancakes

Hi everyone!

Recently, I got a huge bag of potatoes for free. As I said, it’s really a huge bag. Although I shared some with my neighbors, it’s still too much for two people; my boy friend and me. So I’ve been using potatoes as much as possible nowadays. So it seems getting less and less, whew.. :-)

Today, I tried new recipe which looks kind of finger food, which I named potato pancakes. :-D

I picked 3 big potatoes and thinly grate them. I grated them not too thin for better texture and frying easily.

Soak it in cold water for 15minutes to remove starch.

After 15minutes, strain them and season with salt and pepper. I added some parmesan cheese as well.

Crack an egg. Then mix all together. Because of the egg, it should be quite sticky. If it’s not, add some more eggs.

Take one table spoon of potato mixture and place on the oven tray.

Bake them until the surface become golden brown,180°-200°.

The outside is little bit crunchy, the inside is soft. (You may want to fry them on the saucepan with some oil. if you want it to be crunchy inside and out)

It may look boring, just as it is. So I made some toppings to go with it. But I had no idea what should I make, so just used relish and pasta sauce. One is relish with chopped red capsicum(bell pepper), the other is tomato pasta sauce with parsley. White base is cottage cheese. Hopefully, healthy :-P

Well, I much prefered relish topping . The sourness and slightly sweetness from relish were a good match with potato.

This potato pancakes are light and needs no oil ! so it’s very healthy :-)

If you have a lot of potatoes at home, and you want to get rid of them. Try it!


You don’t want it

  • Actually I used foil the first time, Look at the result! Yep the pancakes were stuck on the foil so couldn’t take them properly. So please use baking paper.

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