Food Diary9: I’m a Chicken Holic. Cluck!!

Since I came to Australia, I have been eating chicken in every meal. Australia is such a nice place to buy chicken because they sell all parts of chicken separately. And the price is very reasonable too! In Korea, especially countryside like my hometown, we don’t have many choices for buying chicken. It’s always one whole chicken, we’re even ask to chop it up. So when I saw the big butcher section at Woolworths (big grocery store in Australia), my eyes opened so widely with surprise!They sell chicken breast, thigh fillet, wings, marinated skewers, schnitzel etc. So good!! :D

Once a week, I buy 2kg each of chicken breast and thigh fillet. And spent almost an hour and a half to remove the fats and chop them all which I so hate. After chopping, I always get a stiff neck. Massage please…

I'm a professional butcher :)

But when I finish chopping and packing, I feel like being rich. Look at my  freezer! It’s so full.

Usually, I slice chicken breast for making schnitzel and chop leftover chicken breast and thigh fillet. Pack them 170g each for one serving. My boyfriend and I always confused what’s in each bag, so need small notes :) It helps a lot!

However, imagine eating chicken everyday. It can be very boring, isn’t it? That’s why I tried to make a variety of chicken dishes as many as possible. So it looks and tastes different every time. In addition, it inspires me to create more and more yummy meals. I just fell in love with chicken haha…

Here are some of dishes which I eat with chicken :)

Orange chicken schnitzel with garlic fried rice

Chicken bulgogi with red bean steamed rice

Wine-honey chicken with curry fried rice

Satay chicken skewers with steamed corns. Named 'Kids meal'

Marinated chicken skewers with tuna salad


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About Chloe

I'm from Korea. I love my people, culture and food.

4 Responses to “Food Diary9: I’m a Chicken Holic. Cluck!!”

  1. Lovely pictures! Impressed you made all the dishes yourself. Are you studying to be a professional chef?
    Discovered your site through your YouTube videos, which I liked very much. Both your web-site & YouTube videos are easy to follow and show your love of cooking.
    Thank you for your efforts! I hope you have time to keep them up in the future.

    • Hi :) Nice to meet you!
      I just started cooking and blogging early this year. I really love eating, cooking and sharing the food I cook. I have no plan to be a professional chef. Just Youtube and my blog are perfect hobby for me :)
      Thank you for sweet encouragement :) Have a good weekend friend!

  2. Why don’t you develop a Korea recipes book?

    • Hi Mai,
      Sorry for my late reply. I just found your comment while I was looking through all my old posts :S
      Thanks for your suggestion. I hope I can publish some Korean cooking book someday as it’s one of my wish lists hehe.
      But so far, I’m enjoying just share my recipes with you guys :3