Food Diary8: Home-made schnitzel

Sometimes, My boyfriend and I go to the farmer’s market on Saturdays near our house. They sell a variety of organic vegetables and fruits, fresh seafood and homemade stuffs. They have beautiful smell and vivid color, which stop me in front of every stall. And I taste some tester food, smell the skin of fruits and compare the size of each vegetable. My hands are getting heavier and heavier with lots of bags…

One day, I bought a pack of chicken slices, which is called schnitzel(sounds really German!). It looks like Korean Dongas(fried pork cutlet). To my surprise, the taste was fantastic. So when I went to the market, I bought it more and more. But it was quite expensive for its quantity. Well, why not make it by myself!

So here I am in the kitchen, covered with flour ;-P

For making schnitzel, what you will need

  • Thin Beef slices/ Veal/ Chicken (I used beef and veal this time)
  • Bread crumble
  • Eggs
  • Flour

It’s super easy to make! and so much fun :-)

1. Remove the excess blood from beef and veal with kitchen towel. Lightly coat  the meat with flour.

2. Coat it with egg mixture.

3. Coat it with bread crumble. Finish!

At night, I enjoyed schnitzel I made as much as I want! I don’t like deep frying so used just a little bit of olive oil. Oh, my schnitzel was so crunchy and inside was tender and juicy!

I wrapped the left schnitzel one by one. Then kept them in a freezer.

Especially, my favorite is curry flavored chicken breast schnitzel. I added some curry powder with bread crumble then the schnitzel get light curry aroma and flavor. In my freezer, there are always heaps of the schnitzel piled. Today also schnitzel for dinner :-)

I got instructions from Youtube Video as always :-) How to make Schnitzel like a Pro.

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2 Responses to “Food Diary8: Home-made schnitzel”

  1. Hi Chloe, nice blog you have here! Schinitzel is also one of my faves. Love pairing it with cranberry sauce especially this time of the year. Keep it up!