Korean Egg Roll [Gye Ran Mal E]

Egg roll [Gye Ran Mal E] is good side dish which is easy to be served with other dishes. It is full of protein and well known for picnic food as all children love it!

When I was young,we didn’t eat much egg. So this egg dish was kind of a special treat to me. My mum used to make an egg roll once every 2weeks. So on that day, I always ate one more bowl of rice so I could have more egg roll. =P

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  • 5 eggs
  • ½carrot
  • 1 spring onion
  • 1 teaspoon of salt (4g)



1. Crack the eggs into a bowl and beat with a fork.

2. Chop the carrot and spring onion finely.

3. Put the all chopped vegetables into a bowl and mix them together with 1 Ts of salt.

4. Preheat the frying pan over medium heat and add a little bit of oil.

5. When the pan has finished heating, pour in the egg mixture.

6. Wait until base is cooked then begin rolling it.

7. Turn the heat off, remove the egg roll from pan and leave to cool down.

8. Cut the egg roll into bite sized pieces.

9. Enjoy your egg rolls!


Quick Korea*

Gaeran[계란]= Egg

Mal E[말이]= roll

The other day, I made another version of Egg rolls, added some chopped chives and red capsicum:-) yummy!

I hope you enjoyed this recipe! If you have a request for a korean recipe,

please leave it in the comments below!


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I'm from Korea. I love my people, culture and food.

20 Responses to “Korean Egg Roll [Gye Ran Mal E]”

  1. OK, here’s my ever first Egg Roll!

    Very ugly and kinda failed while rolling up the egg. Hahaha!


    • That’s pretty good egg roll which is the first time :-)
      Yeah, rolling the egg mixture is quite hard to me as well. Next time, you might wanna roll with less egg mixture so you can roll it easier without tearing the eggroll.
      But you finally did good job :-D yay
      Looks really Yumm!

  2. I will be trying this one soon. I just have to get the ingredients at the store :)

    • If you don’t have some ingredients in this recipe, that’s ok. You can add any vegeatables you want.(even meat,ham or chicken!)
      Enjoy your egg roll ;-)

  3. Actually my little sister liked that , and my favorite part was the rolling , this is the first time I see that , :)

  4. I love Korea since I was very young, I always searching for Korean food recipe! I love your website!

  5. I absolutely love Korean people Korean culture, Korean food, just in love with KOREA!!! and thank you so much tried this today for the first time.. it turned out GREAT!

  6. Hi…. I love eggrolls. I used to roll it using spatula but always fail. So I used two spoons to roll. It works. HEHE I love Korean foods. *nyums*

  7. Hi! Chloe!
    I have a question? Is cooking spray much more easier than the oil?
    -Joshua Jun

  8. Hi,Chloe..
    Nice sharing! my egg rolls quite thick and hard to roll but finally i make it. I added chopped onion and chili so it will taste like Malaysian food.. yummy~

    • Hi Za,
      Yay, you finally made it :)
      Egg roll with chopped onion and chili sounds good. Does Malaysian food use onion and chili a lot?
      Thank you for enjoying my recipe.

      • Welcome. my family love the egg rolls! I’ll try another recipe next time.
        Malaysian(Malay foods) usually put chopped onion and chili in fried eggs. We usually use small amount of onion, garlic and chili but it depend on the recipes.

  9. hi Chloe,
    I am new to your website and all the recipes look really good, and I sure will try all of them. But can you please have some recipes of the side dishes that will be great. Thanks!

    • Hi Joelle,
      Thank you for the request. I will think more recipes for side dishes and more post of them =)
      Hope you enjoy my recipes here. Have a good day!

  10. When I was younger I lived in Germany and my mom and her friends had another friend, a Korean lady, who showed them how to make this appetizer dish that I loved. We called them Egg Rolls but they aren’t like the recipe you posted. They are more like Chinese Egg rolls. My mom never wrote down the recipe and now can’t remember it. All she knows is that it had: hamburg, cabbage, carrots and some other stuff mixed up and rolled up in some kind of wrapper and then fried. Do you happen to know what they are?


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    [...] 01:06 – 계란말이  “gyeran mal-ee” = Korean egg rolls (like rolled omelets) **Note #1: “gyeran” is egg and “mal-ee” is roll **Note #2: to learn how to make your own or to see what one looks like, check out this link. [...]