Here you will find a list of common traditional Korean ingredients.

Beef Dasida


Chilli powder


Cooking wine


Dried Anchovies


Dried Chilli


Dried Kelp




Pancake mix


Potato Starch


Rice/Starch syrup

Sea weed laver

Sesame Oil


Sesame Seeds


Soy sauce


5 Responses to “Ingredients”

  1. These are very important to know in cooking Korea traditional food. Love you for posting these.

  2. How helpful to see the essential ingredients. Thank you!

    • Hi Julie Allen.
      I need to post more ingredients here as there are so many Korean ingredients that I wanna introduce to you guys :)
      Thank you for enjoying my blog.

  3. hi ms. chloe,
    am korean cook but am filipino and i cook 10 crew korean,, i enjoy your posted. tks