Korean spicy rice cakes [Dukbokki]

Korean spicy rice cakes[Dukbokki] is the most popular korean street food among foreigners. many korean children and young adults also like that so much including me :-) You might be able to fine it easily at food vendors on the street of Korea. There are always delicious Dukbokki boiling and ready to go.
It is made with mainely rice cakes[garaetteok; cylinder shaped rice cake], fish cakes, boiled egg and seasoned with chili paste. The rice cakes are chewy and tender.It looks super spicy and originally it is! But you can control the amount of chili paste then it’s less hot. Nowadays,another fusion are made such as Royal court dukbokki seasoned with soy sauce, Cheese dukbokki, Rabokki with noodles.
Someday, try Dukbokki at food stalls in Korea. You will be able to have the great taste of Korean street food =)

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Text Version:

Ingredients (serves 2)

  • Rice cakes ( for 2 serves)
  • 2 pieces fish cakes
  • 1 Spring onion
  • ½ onion
  • Dried anchovies

For the sauce

  • 3 Tbs chilli paste
  • 2 Tbs sugar
  • 1 Tbs soy sauce
  • 1 Tbs starch syrup


1. Boil 3 cups of water with dried anchovies for 10minutes.

2. Meanwhile, separate rice cakes.

3. Cut onion, spring onion and fish cakes into big slices.

4. After 10minutes, take all anchovies out.

5. Put the rice cakes, fish cakes and onion in the pan.

6. Add the sauce.

7. Boil them for 5minutes over medium heat,stirring occasionally.

8. After 5minutes, add spring onion and sesame seeds.

9. Boil it 3 more minutes. Then it’s finished!



  • If you use frozen fice cakes, just defrost them in the microwave for 30 seconds.
  • Don’t boil the rice cakes for too long, otherwise it will be mushy.

Quick Korean*

Dduck[떡]= Rice cakes

Bokki[볶기]= Frying

I hope you enjoyed this recipe! If you have a request for a korean recipe,
please leave it in the comments below!

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I'm from Korea. I love my people, culture and food.

25 Responses to “Korean spicy rice cakes [Dukbokki]”

  1. Hi! Greetings from California. I just came across your site while looking for a recipe for dukbokki. My friend is coming over right now so that we can make it together. I just wanted to say thanks for creating this site and spreading the Korean food love. I’ll be sure to try some of your other recipes. I’m Chinese-American and got exposed to Korean food through my Korean college roommate. Needless to say, Korean food is soooo good!

  2. hi Norris(hello California!):-)
    Nice meet you and happy to know you are one of Korean food love, like me;-) hope you enjoyed the recipe with your friend. As you and I know, there are so many delicious Korean foods, but not many people know that.So I always happy to share bout these food with as many people as possible.
    Thanks for enjoying this site. It’s all my pleasure:-)

  3. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your tteokbokki recipe! It is simple and delicious!

  4. Hi.. i m an indian but i m really starting to love korean culture,food n everything mainly because of lee min ho.. :) i m so in love with him i started to learn korean script..n i c this food in dramas n i really wanna make it at home too but how to make that rice cake??i have not seen in our markets..could u give the recipe of the rice cake so dat i can make dukbokki..

    • Nice to meet you friend! I just had a dinner at Indian restaurant and had Kadhai Chicken. It was my first try and I really enjoyed it :-) I LOVE INDIAN FOOD! some of them are spicy like korean food and the meat is tender and soft!

      You like Korean drama? I agree with you that Lee Min Ho is good actor :-)
      I’ll upload the dukbokki recipe in detail soon so that you can cook it.

  5. dear chloe,so glad u replied to me..o kadhai chicken its tasty!do try tandoori chicken,butter chicken masala with naan i m sure u will love it..glad dat u enjoyed indian food..yes i have been watching korean dramas 4 the past 2 n half years(i got 52 korean drama dvds)from these dramas i learnt alot about korean culture n whenever i see the yummy korean food i feel hungry.. :)
    i tried gaeran mari it turned out good saw dat on boys over flowers.. :)
    ya do upload it soon i would love to try it since it looks yummy..and the buns thy showed in baker king kim tak goo looks yummy too..
    khumapta chinguya(hope its correct!!).i meant to say thank u friend..

    • Hey Dee! you know so many Korean drama, even more than I know :-O
      52 drama DVDs? wow, you are such a big fan of korean drama! Happy to hear that.
      Korean drama always show the yummy korean food so many korean drama fans are interested in korean food too, just like you ;-)
      I added the text version of Dukbokki recipe, so check it out!
      Hope you enjoy it.

      ps. Butter chicken also one of my favorite Indian food. even better with naan! Yes I will try tandoori chicken soon.Khumapta Chinguya! :-D

  6. chloe thanx a million i wil definately try it out..i won’t get fish cakes hre but its ok i will try with the rest of the ingredients..o korean dramas i will forever love thm n lee min ho too.. :)
    wow u knw tried butter chicken too..i m glad!do try tandoori chicken.
    thanx again dear!!i m glad to have a wonderful korean chingu like u :) i will try other of your recipes too..they look so yummy dat I start feeling hungry..looking 4ward for more n more delicious food from u in future.. :)

    • Yes, it taste still same without fish cakes:-) Just most important ingredient is rice cake!
      I cooked Tandoori chicken for dinner tonight. It was “WOW” Instead of naan, I use long plain bread which I rosted in the oven so it is crunchy on the outside
      I ate too much(couldn’t stoy eating untill I ate all bread:-P). Still feel full haha.
      If you have another suggestion about Indian food, please let me know. I would like to try more! :-)

      Thanks for your kind words chingu!

  7. really?u cooked!!wow..i m glad u loved it.actually evry1 loves tandoori chicken.u ate too much..haha!have u tried kababs?its made of either beef,mutton or chicken..i love d beef one,try dat out..also chicken tikka kabab..totally yummy!
    chloe,do u know about paneer?its similar to tofu..there are lots of yummy panner recipes..if u wan i can suggest u some.i m waiting 4 d chilli paste to arrive i have ordered it when i get it i’ll make dukbokki..and ya my real name is dinaz(dee is my nickname)i m tellin u coz now v are chingu :) do let me know if u need any particular indian recipe i wil surely forward to u..

  8. Hello! Thanks for all your great recipes. I love your videos, they’re adorable and so well-explained. I was wondering : can I freeze my dukbokki and unfrost it later to keep the goodness as long as possible ? Or put it in the fridge, at least and micro-wave it later ? Or will the taste be bad ?

    • Hi :) That’s good question.
      It’s depending on the type of Duk(ricecake sticks). If duk contains much flour, its texture wouldn’t be good when you defrost it(check the ingredients carefully on back side of pakage. Should contains mostly RICE).
      Also, the sauce will be very thick, even dry after defrost. So I don’t recommend you keep leftover and defrost again. But if you want, you can keep them, but I suggest to add more sauce and fresh spring onion with leftover. Then cook a little bit on the pan.
      Hope it’s helpful answer :)

  9. Now I know how to make this dish. I have done it wrong from the past. Thanks

  10. I wanna try korean food especially dukbokki, but I can’t find it in my place… it look like so nice,,,

    • Hi Hariya,
      Ohh can’t you fine the recipes for Dukbokki? :( That’s a shame.
      Hope you can visit Korea someday, and try the real Dukgokki here :)

      Thank you

  11. Thanks so much for this recipe. I was searching for it because my boyfriend is actually korean and i wanna cook for him. Thanks for posting this chloe.

  12. Hey Chloe, I am really interested in learning how to make and eat korean food. Would you please suggest &/or post recipes of any vegetarian dishes that are yummy, as I am a vegetarian (no seafood either).
    Thank you! :D
    Kamsamnida~ ^_^
    - Navi :)

    • Hi Navi,
      Your name is so beautiful as it sounds exactly same as the Korean word ‘Butterfly’
      Yeah, I’ve been getting many request from vegetarians, so I think I should make one for you guys soon =)
      I will think what would be good Korean dish for vegetarians =3
      Thank you!

  13. hi chloe, i love your name. just like my favorite character in smallville, chloe sullivan :D
    i’m desi from indonesia. i have been watching so many korean drama. and there’s always delicious dukbokki. i really wanna make dukbokki at home. but i can’t find rice cake in around my hometown. so would you like to show me how to make a rice cake? please…. ^.^

    • Hi Desi,
      Thanks for your sweet comment. I also like you name, it sounds very similar to the name of flower ‘daisy’ =)
      You’ve been watching many Korean drama! When I watch some Korean drama, can not stop watching it until it ended. It’s so addictive, isn’t it?
      Oh, sorry to hear that you can’t find rice cake. Even in Korea, people buy that type of rice (long white rice cake) for making Dukbokki. So unfortunately, I don’t think I can get a good recipe for thatㅠ_ㅠ
      Hopefully, you will be able to buy some through the internet shopping mall or friends from other area.
      THanks for your request though! =)

      • ya you right. my english teacher told me so. it’s a beautiful flower.
        ohh it’s totally about the flower, not me hehehe
        hmm korean drama is always addictive. just like the last drama that i watch, “good doctor” aww it’s so inspiring and heartwarming.
        about the rice cake ohh what a pity :(
        but that’s alright, maybe i should try for online shopping just like what you said. or maybe i can visit korea someday :D
        anyway thank you, i’m glad to see your reply.
        gomawo chingu ya ^_^

        • Yes I agree that Korean drama is so addictive. I also watched one episode of some korean drama one day, and couldn’t stop thinking of the story. So finished watching all 20 episodes within 2 days (each episode takes an hour :P ). The drama you watched, ‘good doctor’ was a big hit in Korea. I must check it out too :)
          Hope you can find some rice cakes online.
          Have a good day Chingu ya :)