Korean Tofu with Stir-fried Kimchi and Pork [Dubu Kimchi]

When I was young, my mum used to make delicious tofu meal. Every Friday night, a truck which sells fresh warm tofu passed through my village. The driver played the speaker so loudly all over the village, everyone could hear “TOooFuuu, here is the delicious ToooooooFuuuuu“. As soon as my mum heard the truck coming,  she asked me to quickly go out and buy a tofu. On the way home with warm tofu on my hands, my mouth was already watering.

Everyone know that Tofu is healthy ingredients. However it taste so boring to me. Don’t you agree? :S

So here is the recipe from my childhood that you can enjoy tofu with more flavor. This dish called Dubu Kimchi (Tofu Kimchi). It’s warm tofu with fried fermented kimchi with pork. The way to eat is to put some fried kimchi pork on a tofu piece and eat in one bite.


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 Pre time: 20mins

Cooking time: 30mins


Ingredients (serve 1-2)

  • 1 pack of  Tofu (300g)
  • Fermented Kimchi (300g)ingredients
  • Pork (300g)
  • 1/2 Onion
  • 1 Green onion
  • 1 Tbsp corn syrup (sugar)
  • a pinch of sesame seeds


For marinate sauce:

  • 1 Tbsp Korean Chili paste (Gochujang)
  • 1/2 Tbsp Soy sauce
  • 1/2 Tbsp Sugar
  • 1 tsp minced Garlic
  • 1 tsp Sesame oil
  • a pinch of Pepper



1. Chop the pork into small pieces.



2. Add all the marinate sauce ingredients in a bowl with the pork pieces.



3. Marinate it in the fridge until needed.



4. Cut the onion and green onion into 1cm think.



5. Chop the well-fermented kimchi. ( Take off the excess sauce from kimchi if needed.)



6.  Oil the pan. Fry the pork for 1 minute over medium heat.

pork frying


7. Add chopped kimchi and onion. Fry them for 3 minutes over medium heat.

add kimchiadd onionfrying more


8. Add 5 Tbsp water. Fry them for 5 more minutes on low heat while stirring.

add water


9. After 5 minutes, put 1 tsp minced garlic and 1 Tbsp starch/corn syrup (sugar). Add more sugar if needed.

add syrup


10. Turn the heat off. Add chopped green onion and pinch of sesame seeds.

green onion


11. Boil a block of tofu in boiling water for 4-5 minutes. (quick way: microwave it for 2-3 minutes)

tofu boiling


 12. Take the tofu out carefully. Slice it into mouthful size.

cut tofu


13. Serve the tofu with fried kimchi pork while it’s warm. Enjoy it! :D



  • Use pork belly part. It makes fried kimchi softer. (I don’t often use pork belly because of too much fat. But it takes better with using pork belly.)
  • For quicker way to get warm tofu. Microwave tofu for 3 minutes instead of boiling it.
  • Starch/Corn syrup adds glossiness to the dish. But you can replace it with sugar. You may need to add more sugar depending on how sour or salty your kimchi is.


Quick Korean Words

  • Dubu [두부] = Tofu
  • Gimchi [김치] = Kimchi (The Korean pronunciation for Kimchi is more like “G”imchi)
  • Doeji Gogi [돼지 고기] = Pork (‘Doeji‘ means pork and ‘Gogi‘ means meat in Korean.)


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I'm from Korea. I love my people, culture and food.

5 Responses to “Korean Tofu with Stir-fried Kimchi and Pork [Dubu Kimchi]”

  1. This looks so good. I will have to try and make it. My Mom makes a kind of 삼겹살 this way, but without the tofu. It is about half 고추장 and half 된장 with some other spices for her marinade. But I don’t know what the dishes real name is.

    • Hi Sandra =)
      Oh your mum cooks Korean food? I’m not sure the exact name of dish she makes, I guess it sounds like sort of spicy pork bulgogi [돼지 불고기].
      Your comment makes me hungry haha :P
      Hope you like the recipe. Please let me know how you like it =)

  2. Hi Chloe :)
    My mom is Korean, from 금산. I think the dish she makes is kind of like 돼지불고기, but uses the 삼겹살 cut. She also adds onions, to make it not smell and cut down on the grease.
    I will try your recipe soon. I just moved to Leeds, UK, and just found two shops that sell Korean ingredients. I have to see which shop has the better, but cheaper ingredients first. I will try the recipe with unsmoked English bacon, because it looks like the right cut of meat.

    • Hi Sandra,
      Is 금산 is well known for ginseng? I’ve heard about that place many time :)
      If you want to use English bacon, please make sure bacon is not too salty or too flavored, otherwise the taste won’t be different from the recipe.
      Hope you get a good shop to buy all korean ingredients.
      Have a good weekend!

      • Hi Chloe,
        I don’t know anything about 금산. My Mom left Korea in 1976 and just went back for the first time last year, but she didn’t go back to 금산. We are supposed to go together when my daughter is a older, probably when she is about ten years-old, so maybe in three years.
        You can get English bacon unsmoked and uncured, so there isn’t any salt or flavoring, it is just like a fresh cut of pork. It does have some of the fat of the belly, but not as much as 삼겹살 or American bacon. When I get a chance to make it I will try to post pictures on my blog, http://journaloftravelandadventures.blogspot.co.uk/ , so you can see what it looks like :)